Kyle Banks was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on November 1, 2015 while performing with the traveling production of Disney’s The Lion King.  Performing nightly for sold out audiences across the country was a dream come true, but after experiencing symptoms of the onset of type 1 diabetes, the dream temporarily turned into a nightmare. The symptoms he experienced were  typical for the onset of this chronic illness. but with limited knowledge of type 1 diabetes, he had no idea what was occurring or the drastic life change that would soon follow.  In 2020, he founded Kyler Cares in partnership with Children’s Hospital New Orleans and has since connected with families from across the country that are living with this disease.  Kyler Cares seeks to improve health outcomes for people of color living with diabetes and ensuring families can access the resources and technology available for better management is the route the organization is taking to achieve that goal.


Kyomi is the executive coordinator for Kyler Cares, where she provides essential administrative support for the foundation. Her passion for working with nonprofits started in the summer of 2013 when she worked as a camp counselor for children with diabetes in Washington state, under the American Diabetes Association. Since then, Kyomi has been committed to helping people living with diabetes by raising awareness about the disease and advocating for better resources and education. As someone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes type 1 Diabetes, Kyomi knows firsthand the challenges that can arise from insulin rationing and chronic diabetic ketoacidosis, and this has fueled her passion for advocacy.