The Kyler Cares Diabetes Technology Grant program aids families with the staggering cost associated with accessing these life saving devices.  The program provides financial assistance towards continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.


  • We provide grants for people living with type 1 diabetes ages 3 and up. 
  • This grant program will give priority to individuals and families from BIPOC communities BUT all are welcomed to apply.
  • We also prioritize insured individuals that need assistance with copayments and meeting yearly deductibles.
    • A co-pay is a fee that you pay when you receive healthcare services, such as visiting a doctor or picking up prescriptions
    • A deductible is a set amount you have to pay every year toward your medical bills before your insurance company starts paying.
  • This grant program is only available to individuals living within the United States.

If these conditions apply to you, use this form to send us your information and we will attempt to get back to you in seven business days.

    Are you applying for yourself or on behalf of someone else?
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    How do you check your blood glucose?

    What method of insulin therapy do you currently use?

    Do you currently have health insurance?

    Are you interested in learning about what health insurance plans might be available in your area?

    Is your policy private or public?

    What type of health insurance policy do you have?

    Are you currently employed?

    What is your annual salary?

    Additional monthly household income? This includes spousal support, child support, social security, rental income, etc.